We’re just as discerning as you are.


Deli done differently.

Beyond our premium quality, what really sets Castle Wood Reserve apart is our elevated approach to the deli experience. Our whole cuts of meat and chef-inspired flavor profiles will keep you coming back to Castle Wood Reserve for the healthful and flavorful high-end deli experience you crave.

couple eating turkey wraps

Castle Wood Reserve fits your healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’re preparing a meal for others or need a protein pick-me-up for yourself, our packaged lunchmeats provide premium quality and flavor for every occasion. We offer the finest cuts to keep you going all day long.

bento box of healthy snacks

You care about what you put in your body, and so do we.

We’re devoted to great taste and simplicity. That’s why you’ll never find artificial colors or flavors, trans fat, MSG, or added nitrites or nitrates in our premium deli products.

plate of lunchmeat, pecans, cheese, cranberries and onions

A new spin on your favorites.

Castle Wood Reserve offers all your deli favorites — and then some. Our premium packaged lunchmeats are meticulously crafted to appeal to your senses. Build a mouth-watering sandwich starting with our whole cuts of meat, or create an elevated experience with any of our delicious recipes. Our deli products are more than a great source of protein — they’re a source of pride in serving, too.


Our products are premium quality, standing out on the packaged lunchmeat wall as a unique, satisfying option for lunches and many other meals and snacks at home.

To ensure the best experience of the flavor and texture, we recommend that you consume all the product within three to four days after opening.

We do not recommend freezing as it may affect taste and texture, but if you do choose to freeze be sure to properly defrost in the refrigerator before eating.

Our products do not contain added nitrates or nitrites. Please note: there are naturally occurring nitrates and nitrites found in certain ingredients such as celery seed, celery powder or sea salt. Therefore, if a No Added Nitrites or No Added Nitrates claim is on a product, it would be accompanied with a disclaimer showing exception for those naturally occurring.

No, our products do not contain MSG

We do not have any of the main allergens in our deli meat products. If there are allergens they will be listed below the ingredient statement on the package and will be called out similarly on the website.

Yes, all our products are gluten free.

We have an easy-to-use product finder tool on the website under Where to Buy that shows where our products can be found using your current location.

Castle Wood Reserve deli meats are proudly USA-made

NO monosodium glutamate is added to the finished product.

Please note: MSG does naturally occur in some products, such as autolyzed yeast extract. Therefore, if a NO MSG claim is on a product, it would be accompanied with a disclaimer showing exception for those naturally occurring.


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